Saturday, March 30, 2013

Arc Keyou

Here I am making a custom wallpaper for my desktop of PC. Because I figure it would be coolo if I had something I created every now and then rather than constantly change wp from different things. But, in the process I realize that I haven't really beefed up any other characters besides the standard one that I'm use to drawing, sketching and painting. So, I look into refining another one of my characters that I love. As I did with the dagger I wanted to push details time and somewhat provide a challenge for me (meant not just line art and vector). I decided to paint him as a light/shade. Though he's permanently pale like that. 

Arc Keyou
Enter Arc Keyou. Once to believe to be the step to Human Evolution since decade had a freak accident when he was promised and shown the land above the lab in which he was manufactured. It was his reward for being a such a genuine and calm subject. To his dismay, when Arc stepped out to embrace the sunlight his temperature exponentially accelerated causing him to spontaneous combust. Covered in flames the Arc, retreated back in the depths of the lab. Aggravated and enraged Arc's personality shifted from calm and cool to rebellious and chaotic. Their was an unfortunate accident that force Arc to relocate to the frozen tundra in Russia. It is there where Arc is able yo walk on the surface both day and night without fear of busting in flames. 

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