Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No Room for Calamity

So you think that after drawing something for a quite a while you would understand it works and how it would look in the reality. Funny is that the 2D concept is never an accurate source to go off of. Working on recent projects I realize that. So I decide to see how something I made in 2D space would come out and how it would work as a little break from the things I been on recent.

The transition from 2D Concept to 3d with Wireframe

How thick this little fella is
The Diaus (center piece of the dagger)
Study of the Hilt of the dagger

Close Up Study of the Dagger
Animated to function of the dagger to sword transformation (click to see animated)

How it's suppose to open up to form a blade from whatever material that's absorbed

 This is how it suppose to transform from dagger to sword form on the fly.

It's fun working small stuff like this because I can see how much I pay to attention to detail. Plus, it helps influence how I design things. I'm going to start back posting a little frequent then I've been doing. Not a daily thing but perhaps something recent. I wish I could post the other stuff but that's top secret now. Working on getting my site back up too. It's a bit in a redesign stage. Until next time peeps.

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